Healthy, ethical, and sustainable food for all.

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FreetheFood.World - Catalyzing Women for the Regenerative Food Revolution

Imagine a world where clean, healthy and nutritious food is freely available to everyone, everywhere.

Who is this community for?

The Free the Food community is for everyone – because we all eat to live!

We collaborate to empower women around the world to transform our communities and planet through thriving regenerative food practices, systems and businesses.

If you are interested in participating in creating a future with a thriving, resilient, just and regenerative food system that recognizes the key role that women play in nourishing humanity and healing the planet, we invite you to join us! The Revolution is underway—women’s empowerment in this space is critical, and we are honoured to walk and eat – on this path, together with you.

Our community's Massive Transformative Purpose

Free the food for everyone, everywhere

Our Vision

Thriving and healthy people, communities and planet through regenerative food practices, systems, and businesses.

Our Mission

People, organizations and institutions empowering women and their communities to transform the global food system for regenerative living

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Free the Food . World – Catalyzing Women for the Regenerative Food Revolution

About Us

FreetheFood.World is a community of social impact entrepreneurs and business leaders collaborating to empower women around the world to transform our communities and our planet through regenerative food practices and systems. This is an initiative of Sustainability Edge Solutions— “Catalyzing resilient, agile, scalable businesses thriving sustainably in a rapidly changing world”

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