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CFB – TEX – University of Texas at Austin Longhorns Campus Collection Collection Campus Series Limited Edition

#0 Campus Collection Collection University of Texas at Austin Longhorns N/A Limited Edition OYO minifigure Campus Collection Collection College Football OYO minifigure. (Generation 1) Hut, Hut! Create or recreate memorable University of Texas at Austin Longhorns moments with the Campus Collection Collection OYO Sportstoys minifigure. OYOs make a great gift for any sports fan young and old! OYO Sportstoys minifigures are officially licensed collectible minifigures designed to resemble your favorite College Football players and teams. College Football OYO minifigures are designed with rotating arms and bending knees which allow them to run, pass and tackle. OYOs are also compatible with other notable building block toys like Legor, K’nex, Mega Blocks and more. Each collectible minifigure comes complete with Longhorns uniform, a football, Longhorns helmet, removable face mask, water bottle, and stand with unique OYO DNA number. The custom OYO stand is great for displaying your Campus Collection Collection figure and connects to any building bricks. Each stand has a unique OYO DNA Number to identify your one of a kind sport toy. Collect all the University of Texas at Austin Longhorns OYOs and hit the field! Ages 6 and up. Printed and assembled in the U.S.A.Price:  $    Read More and Buy it here!

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